The Darkest Knight

Tell me, have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?


I think they kind of look alike! I know some people who agree. Others are like noooo! lol but they do a little bit!.

Love them both!

Glad I’m not the only one who thinks this:P they look like long lost brothers

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The great sea is held in place by Jormungand, the Serpent, whose giant body encircles it and who keeps his tail in his mouth to complete the circle and stop the waves breaking loose. But one day, the God Thor, son of earth, was fishing in the sea for the Serpent, using a bull’s head for bait. Jormungand reared up and the waves pummeled the shore as he twisted and writhed in a fury. They were well matched, Serpent and God, in that furious fight. The seas boiled around them, but then the hook became dislodged, and the Serpent slithered free and sank again, so quickly, beneath the waves. And soon, the sea was calm once more, as if nothing had disturbed it.

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"I know what he’s doing…he’s preparing himself"-Vikings

"I know what he’s doing…he’s preparing himself"-Vikings

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*Chops head off*

VIKINGS. I’m loving the hell out of this show..just watch it, go. now. 

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Holy Jeebus. So I’ve neglected my Tumblr for like over a week or so due to epic distractions..Cheers, it’s good to be back;)


One of the best scenes/cameos from X-Men: First Class. Laughed so fucking hard.

"I hear they got some tasty ass crackers"-Jules, Pulp fiction

"I hear they got some tasty ass crackers"-Jules, Pulp fiction

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literally the most badass moment in the history of animated film

Thank you Pixar for creating my favorite animated movie of all time..repeatedly 

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